Balada Mulan (Song Of Mulan)

Tahukah Anda, bahwa kisah Hua Mulan berasal dari satu lagu daerah di Dinasti Wei Utara (386 M – 557 M) yang disebut Balada Mulan?

Sejarah Mulan muncul karena pada abad ke-4 dan ke-5 Tiongkok menderita di bawah invasi kelompok etnis nomaden. Pemerintah pusat dihancurkan sepenuhnya oleh kelompok “biadab”. Perang itu mengerikan dan para pejuang membutuhkan sumber harapan. Perang memakan waktu lebih dari tiga abad dan mempengaruhi banyak bagian Kekaisaran Tiongkok. Oleh karena itu, seorang prajurit wanita (dalam bentuk Mulan atau yang lain) adalah fenomena yang mengilhami tentara untuk bertarung.

Song Of Mulan

Alack, alas! alack, alas!
She weaves and sees the shuttle pass.
You cannot hear the shuttle, why?
Its whir is drowned in her deep sigh.

„Oh, what are you thinking about?
Will you tell us? Will you speak out?“
„I have no worry on my mind,
Nor have I grief of any kind.
I read the battle roll last night;
Than Khan has ordered men to fight.
The roll was written in twelves books;
My father’s name was in twelve nooks.
My father has no grown-up son,
For elder brother I have none.
I’ll get a horse of hardy race
And serve in my old father’s place.“

She buys a steed at eastern fair,
A whip and saddle here or there.
She buys a bridle at the south
And metal bit for horse’s mouth.

At dawn she leaves her parents by the city wall;
At dusk she reaches Yellow River shore.
All night she listens for old folks‘ familiar call,
But hears only the Yellow River’s roar.

At dawn she leaves the Yellow River shore;
To Mountains Black she goes her way.
At night she hears old folks‘ familiar voice no more,
But only on north mountains Tatar horses neigh.

For miles and miles the army march along
And cross the mountain barriers as in flight.
The northern wind has chilled the watchman’s gong,
Their coat of mail glistens in wintry light.
In ten years they’ve lost many captains strong,
But battle-hardened warriors come back in delight.

Back, they have their audience with the Khan in the hall,
Honours and gifts are lavished on warriors all.
The Khan asks her what she wants as a grace.
„A camel fleet to carry me to my native place.“

Hearing that she has come,
Her parents hurry to meet her at city gate,
Her sister rouges her face at home,
Her younger brother kills pig and sheep to celebrate.

She opens the doors east and west
And sits on her bed for a rest.
She doffs her garb worn under fire
And wears again female attire.
Before the window she arranges her hair
And in the mirror sees her image fair.
Then she comes out to see her former mate,
Who stares at her in amazement great:
„We have marched together for twelve years,
We did not know there was a lass ‚mid our compeers!“

„Both buck and doe have a little gait
And both their eyelids palpitate.
When side by side two rabbits go,
Who can tell the buck from the doe?“

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